We Take care your IT so you can take care your Business

IT Solutions and Services for small and medium sized companies in Germany and Asia for more then 20 years

our Group

IBB Germany

Our German Business

ibb nihaocloud GmbH

located in Zeuthen, in the suburb of Berlin, is building an IT bridge from Germany to Asia, especially China, but also offering IT Solutions for local enterprises in Germany

IBB China

Our Chinese Business

IBB I&C Technology Co.Ltd.

located in Beijing and Shanghai,  is offering since more the 22 years IT Solutions & Services to multinational companies in China.


Our Cloud Business

nihaocloud dev UG

providing the cloud Solution to Customer all over the world.


Contact us

If you have any question, it is always more easy in a personal contact.

Our Mission

We want to find the most suitable IT Solution for our Customer but still keep it stable, easy to Maintain and maximum secured.

We understand the tradeoff between User Experiences and Security, between Complexity and Stability, Customization and Maintainability. But with our over 25 Years experience as a Solution IT Provider we try to find the “fine line” to satisfy all those demands.

We make use out of 2 worlds, the world of Standard Solutions, Systems and Software, whoa are usually also come with a price and Opensource Solutions, who are very price competitive and much more flexible, to also meet the last demand usually at least equal important demand, the pricing.


Our experience is for your advantage.

Open Source

When we developed our 1st own System Solution, approximately 15 years back, an single Office Server System, covering all basic IT needs, such as E-Mail, Filesharing / Cloud and Phone System, we started our journey with Open Source Projects.

Ever Since Open Source System are an important compounded in our Solutions.

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