our Know-how to advantage

With more 25 Years experience in rolling out IT Solutions, Maintaining It Systems and providing IT Services to SME’s in China we believe our experience also can be to your advantage.

IT the new World has become already such a fundamental importance for Business success, that it is already an essential part or the corporate Strategy.  But the implementation of those Strategies abroad and specially in China’s IT & Internet Ecosystem can be a challenge and often requires adjustments to meet the corporate strategy guidelines and specification.

As more and more corporation follow more or less an Lean Concept, to adjust short- and long Term Goals and Strategies to the Market Developments also the IT Strategies have to react, interact with the corporate Strategy.

We believe that we can be a big help in implementing and adjusting your Chinese IT Strategy.

But we don’t leave you with “just” the Strategy, we also can be your Partner in bring your Strategy a live in China.    

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