Unified Communication

Connecting your Team

To enable a Team to efficiently and flexible communicate the rights Tools need to be choose, where major Tools are still a corporate Phone System and a corporate organized chat.

What is unified communication ?


Unified communication is a collecting Term for different Technologies, enabling your Team to work anywhere at any time efficiently together.

Privat Brance Exchange meets VoIP

Corporate Private VoIP PBX – “Privat Voice over IP Phone System”

VoIP Phone Systems in our days are hosted in the Cloud. But since there is no private SIP connectivity available in China, a special setup is required.

We make a corporate VoIP System operating in China, either in the local or private Cloud.


  • Free connection (internal calls) between Offices domestically or abroad
  • Connection of international PSTN (Telephone) Lines to the VoIP System, to make calls without international call fees
  • Advance automatic phone reception
  • Phone Conference Rooms
  • Fax Service, Fax can be forwarded by Mail to the receiver
  • Voice Mail Function
  • Call back and remote call operator Function
  • Advance call Forwarding
  • connection with Deskphone, mobiel phone and Computer
  • Home Office ready
  • and more …

Corporate Chat Collaboration

If you consider your company communication, daily collaboration and information exchange as sensitive and highly private, you should move to an private corporate Collaboration Platform like “Mattermost”.

With Mattermost we enable you to keep your corporate communication private.

If you are familiar with Slack, you know what is Mattermost, it is just a Opensource Solution service the same purpose with similar features like Slack.


  • Channel based Chat Communication
  • private and secured
  • Plugins for many additional Feature
  • search function
  • Organized Communication by Chat Channel
  • public and private Channel / Chat
  • and more …
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