Local- & Private Could

highly secured but still flexible Cloud

Everybody in today’s world talks about Cloud, but what does it means? It means everything and describes nothing IT can be the entire IT System it can be a blessing and a Curse at one time. Therefor a careful choice should be made to meet both, contrary requirements, safety and security as well as flexibility.

For us, to meet those 2 requirements local- or private Cloud should be chosen.

But what does this means now and what is the difference ?

local Cloud

Local Cloud is a cloud System, which is locally, on Customer premises, hosted but accessible inside and outside the Office as Cloud System.

The Enduser actually don’t feel a difference, just the Data are on Customer site. Hence we fell this is the most secured Solution.

private Cloud

On an private Cloud Solution, the Hosting usually is done in a Data-Center, either by so called co-Hosting, where are private Server will by placed in the Data-Center, or by renting a Server, which will be 100% controlled by the Customer.


Here we don’t need to explain much, it’s what we are using every day on the Internet, A Service provided in the Cloud, where the Customer has no influence on the Hosting or other. Just using the Cloud Service.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud is a mix of local or/with private Cloud and/or Cloud, in any way.

For example, possibly the Data are hosted local in a private Cloud, but the Front end, what the Enduser can see, is hosted in the Cloud.

Cloud File Storage & Collaboration

As Data are the most important asset in our days and even more your company Data. So it is not surprising that Data Storage is one of the most important Cloud Applications.

Now those Data Storage’s can be implemented on different Software Platforms as well as hosted in different Solutions, as explained above.

We, as a Partner of Seafile Ltd. have been choosing Seafile as our Cloud Storage Platform, which we rollout as local- or privat Cloud.

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